Hannes Egger, Fear & Responsibility, 2020

Hannes Egger, Fear & Responsibility, 2020

During the artist’s residency Living Room of Art.uro in Cuneo in the apartment of the Basilotta family, an intense dialogue with the house owner Gimmi Basilotta develops. The artist then invites Basilotta to choose eight books from his extensive home library, four should be a metaphor of “fear” and four books shold represent “responsibility”. The books were displayed in a flat, black showcase. Hannes Egger supplements this with two T-shirts with the inscription “Nothing’s Changed” and “Everything’s Changed” that hang freely in the room and move like ghosts in the breeze. A conical station speaker, on the other hand, repeatedly emits the lyrical vocals of an opera singer singing about her breath. The work is complemented by a live online performance: the artist takes off his t-shirt printed with “Nothing’s Changed” and “Everything’s Changed” and puts it on again in reverse, so that a different inscription can be seen in each case.
The residency exhibition was scheduled to take place as early as March 2020, but was postponed until September and fundamentally influenced in its content and direction by the Covid- 19 pandemic.

Hannes Egger
Fear & Responsibility
8 books, 2 T-shirts with print, station speaker, audio system, audio file with singing voice
Photo: Francesco Doglio