Hannes Egger, Tiroler Stube, 2015

Hannes Egger, Tiroler Stube, 2015

For the exhibition meeting point on the occasion of the council anniversary of the Kunstverein Konstanz, Hannes Egger is position his installation “Tiroler Stube” in a semi-public passage of the historic building: a residential quarter with references to the home of the council member Oswald von Wolkenstein – made up of used boards, old doors and cupboards. It is equipped with a bed, a table, several chairs and usual furnishings of a simple Hotel. During the Council, Schun’s guests hardly knew where to stay; today, with an increasing number of students and streams of tourists, the situation is a little different. Housing shortage is one of the biggest political issues in Constance. The “Tiroler Stube” wants to symbolically remedy this situation; it is a room in which one can spend a spartan and semi-public night for a day or a weekend – the free overnight stay can be booked via meetingpint-2015.eu. If the room is not occupied by guests, it can be used as an event room.

Hannes Egger
Tiroler Stube
Photo: Stefan Postius

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