Hannes Egger, Memory, 2016

Hannes Egger, Memory, 2016

At the center of this work designed for the exhibition “In Their Eyes..”, is the sharing of a personal historical memory. Within the work Memory, the artist’s approach is based on anthropological research into the differences and commonalities of individual experience. Visitors are invited to enter a large wardrobe where the artist has created an intimate situation. In this situation (reminiscent of childhood, when children begin to look into cabinets) visitors stand in front of a mirror, as a bilingual questionnaire that asks them to answer in front of a microphone, which must be activated by pressing a red button. Some photos from the artist’s family archive appear on the inner wall of the closet, which recalls the personal dimension of the project. One image shows a Balilla house in northern Italy, while another depicts the Viennese Parliament surrounded by Nazi swastikas.

Hannes Egger
wardrobe, mirror, audiorecorder, photos, print on forex, chair, light
House of Art, Usti nad Labem
(Photo: Martin Polak)

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