Hannes Egger, Sculpture Training (Venus aus Chalandry), 2017

Hannes Egger, Sculpture Training (Venus aus Chalandry), 2017

For the exhibition “Skulpturenpak M” at Galerie M in Berlin, the photo series “Scultpure Training” was created in collaboration with the athletics group of VfL Fortuna Marzahn. The artist presented his drawings of well-known sculptures from art history (e.g. “David” by Michelangelo, “Der Schreitende Mann” by Alberto Giacometti, the “Diskobol” by Myron, “Das Eherne Zeitalter” by Auguste Rodin, etc.) as instructions for the athletes. The athletes adopted the attitudes of the sculptures quoted and were photographed at their training ground in Berlin’s “Allee der Kosmonauten”.

Sculpture Training (Venus aus Chalandry)
Galerie M, Berlin
Photo: Denis Laner

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