Hannes Egger, Museum Performance, 2017

Hannes Egger, Museum Performance, 2017

Hannes Egger diverts the attention from the artwork in itself onto a train of thought: how exactly are we able to perceive it within the exhibition premises? Visitors are invited to take part in a group event, following the artist’s instructions over headphones. From the stance of observer, they get to identify with the object under observation. An unexpected short-circuiting or upending of roles. The visitors/performers use their own voices to set up a vocal happening in the gallery space. For this they take their cue from three major museums, icons of collective western culture: the Uffizi, the MOMA and the Albertina. From being central to the artistic experience, sight becomes secondary to sound, touch and performance, which lead us to a new awareness of, and rapport with, the work of art.

Hannes Egger
Museum Performance
3 t-shirts, 3 headphones, 3 audio-files, 3 coat hangers, pedestal
Dimension variable
Isolo17 Gallery, Verona

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