Hannes Egger, Creating History, 2009

Hannes Egger, Creating History, 2009

Creating History
In February 2008 Hannes Egger was invited to take part in a sculptors’ symposium in Auckland (New Zealand). In his work ‘creating history – archaeological site’ the artist investigated the relationship people have to the ground and to the remains of past ages that it preserves. Hannes Egger created clay sculptures that looked similar to those of prehistoric cultures. He baked them over an open fire to make them look extremely old. He buried some of the sculptures in the land and then uncovered them again in a similar way to an archaeological dig. The artist packed the rediscovered figures in nylon bags labelled ‘museum’ in a font that resembled the sign on the ‘Museum of History’ in Auckland. The series of 25 clay figures was exhibited as part of the exhibition during the symposium in Auckland.

Hannes Egger
Creating History
Earth, wood, spade, clay, water bottle, bucket, string, nylon, paper
approx. 400x400x200
Photo: John Ferguson

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