Hannes Egger, New Public, 2019

Hannes Egger, New Public, 2019

After a brief introduction of the artist by the curators, Hannes Egger distributed 27 numbered envelopes to the audience. He then called on the owners of the envelopes to open it, read the message it contained and carry out the instructions on stage or in the audience room. On the one hand, concise quotations from Peter Handke’s play “Publikumsbeschimpfung” were read, Boris Groy and John L. Austin were quoted, and reflections by the artist were recited, while on the other hand, active performance took place, e.g. by embracing the audience or swapping chairs. At the end, the audience was scolded and danced to “Tell me” by the Rolling Stones – also a reminder of Peter Handke’s drama.

Hannes Egger
New Public
Performance, instructions on paper