Hannes Egger, We can dance, 2020

Hannes Egger, We can dance, 2020

Hannes Egger created the augmented reality work We can Dance 2020 for the art in public space project KOPFhoch by KUNST MERAN, curated by Ursula Schnitzer. Using the smartphone app ARTIVIVE, the person in the picture starts dancing to the song “The Safty Dance” by Men Without Hats. The work is a call to pull one’s head out of the sand after the COVID-19 conditional lockdown, to accept the situation, to dance safely and joyfully through life. Hannes Egger exclusively used the internet to realize the work: He found the emblematic song as well as the Chinese dancer on the World Wide Web. The artist thus reflects the global networking of communication and production in times of social distance.

Hannes Egger
We can dance
Print on paper (180×200 cm), Augmented Reality (Video)
Photo: Andreas Marini