Hannes Egger, Public Performance, 2014

Hannes Egger, Public Performance, 2014

Immediacy, intimacy, spatial multiplicity, and interaction with the public are the cornerstones of Hannes Egger’s “Public Performance”, where the use of smart phones has reached a high degree of attention and entertainment value, simultaneously: Hannes Egger takes the stage at the Societat Escaulenca, and from this position of power, he demands that the audience participate in the very simple, universal and particular gesture of a television program; coming up onto the stage to be photographed with the artist, in a handshake or embrace, and the promise of receiving the picture immediately, and thus, being a part of the eventual publication (which you now have in your hands).

Hannes Egger
Public Performance
La Muga Caula Festival, Girona

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