Hannes Egger, Flour Arena, 2015

Hannes Egger, Flour Arena, 2015

Teaming up with Molino Merano – the speciallists in flour and breadmaking mixes – led to this piece of metaphysical theatre where the visitor responds to whatever the objects happen to suggest. Flour bags forming a kind of arena beckon one in, ear-muffs at head-height ask to be put on, a reading desk hints that there’s something to read, while an arc lamp spotlights the centre of the forthcoming event. The words written are a kind of poetic diary, ushering the reader into a dimension where (s)he participates in the ideas that inspired the artist.

Hannes Egger
Flour Arena
flour, spotlight, print on paper, text, earlap, bookrest
dimensions variable
Photo: Ulrich Egger

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