I like Beuys and Beuys likes me, 2018

Hannes Egger, I like Beuys and Beuys likes me, 2018

“I like Beuys and Beuys likes me” is Egger’s homage to the Joseph Beuys – a large felt cloth in the middle of the hall. The environment is empty, you can hear steps, calls, the wolf living in the woods of the valley, Beuys’ coyote, the preys and the fierce wild beasts. To live with their animality, to rediscover the nature inside the man. To put an end to that assuming the right to impose a radical separation of humanity and animality the man has got aware in the last four centuries, according to Claude Lévi-Strauss.

Hannes Egger
I like Beuys and Beuys likes me
Track (sound design Martin Niedermair), 4 speakers, 2 blankets, led scrolling sign
Dimension variable
Photo: Roberta Segata