Hannes Egger, Taglio, 2020

Hannes Egger, Taglio, 2020

A clock with its hands pointing to 4 p.m. is the only element of the installation at the water tapping plant in Torre di Mosto that can be seen from the outside. Every day at 4 p.m., a sound system activates for six minutes, making the building sing from the inside. At the same time, a blue light turns on, illuminating a window pane next to the clock.
The audio contains a poem by Hannes Egger set to music, accompanied by sounds and noises of animals and plants of the place. In the song, the water of the canal Brian speaks. The intervention draws attention to the central element with which a land reclamation area like that of the Po Valley is confronted in an everlasting game of equilibrium. The water speaks of itself, of its nature, of what has happened to it, but also of what it continues to be, because nothing can make it lose its true form. With lyrical and delicate tones, the work brings to the fore the spirit of water, animates it, endows it with presence and memory.

Hannes Egger
Clock, audio system, audio file (6 minutes), spotlight