Hannes Egger, I saw you, 2011

Hannes Egger, I saw you, 2011

For the 2011 Venice Biennale, Hannes Egger created a direct line of sight from the Großvenediger peak in Austria all the way to Venice, paying tribute to an ancient mountaineering myth which claims that it is possible to see the city from the 3666 m summit. In the Austrian Pavilion, he installed a camera connecting the Biennale via satellite technology with the Kürsingerhütte mountain hut on Großvenediger – which roughly translates to Great Venetian –, where a room was reserved for visitors to enjoy the views of Venice, or rather of the Biennale audience exploring Markus Schinwald‘s Labyrinth. The video “I saw you” recollects impressions from the broadcast.

Hannes Egger
I saw you

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