Hannes Egger, Wege zur Freiheit, 2018

Hannes Egger, Wege zur Freiheit, 2018

„Stay standing. Stand upright! Put your left foot firmly on the floor, put your right foot slightly behind it and raise it slightly. Allow your left arm to drop sideways from your shoulder, with your elbow strongly bent, slightly pulled back, and slightly turned to the left. Your hand should remain half closed like it has been trapped between your fingers and your elbow.“
These are the words with which the audience performance Wege zur Freiheit (Ways of Freedom) begins. In the empty exhibition space, the visitors are urged via headphones to adopt the postures of five different Statues of Liberty. The postures of the statues built between 1886 and 2013 are manifold, reflecting different forms of freedom and colonialism worldwide. The audience performance demands relating to posture and experiencing the positions of the statues on one’s own body.

Hannes Egger
Wege zur Freiheit
Headphones, audio file

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