Hannes Egger, I do not agree, 2010

Hannes Egger, I do not agree, 2010

“I do not agree“ assumed the existence of a situation of indefinite malaise that was at least felt by a portion of the population. Something was itching the skin. It felt like an irritation due to the general political situation. The reasons for this uneasiness were unclear. Where and how could you recognize the subtle friction of sand mills and a reddening of the skin? Why the acrid smell in the nose? “I do not agree” was a search for causes and symbols of this uneasiness. More than 40 people set out wearing the “I do not agree” t-shirt, designed by Hannes Egger, to show where the shoe was pinching. The project showed a puzzle of impressions and thoughts with people and their perceived and disgruntled truths at the centre rather than objects. The results were exhibited at the ES contemporary art gallery in Meran.

Hannes Egger
I do not agree
T-shirts, lables, print on paper
Photo: Laura Zindaco

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