Hannes Egger, Modus Operandi, 2017

Hannes Egger, Modus Operandi, 2017

The hotel room is the concrete location of encounter and examination for Modus Operandi. Like all intentionally functionalist designed rooms, hotel rooms are places that predestine many things. They represent not only a variety of ideas concerning holidays and hospitality, but also concepts of how guests should behave in a specific place, how they use these rooms, by sleeping, showering, washing, reading, etc.
By Modus Operandi, the hotel room can and should be adapted in a new and unexpected way. In each room, there are several sets of drawn instructions, which lead to different body postures and experiences, and thus render the room as a performative space. The hotel room is to be understood as a heterotopia, a place of deviation and new staging, a place of trial and discovery. Guests can turn the hotel room into your own, entering into a conscious relationship with it, and begining to “perform” this particular place. The instructions are an invitation and a suggestion to find new positions and points of view.

Hannes Egger
Modus Operandi
Wall painting, book
Hotel Schwarzschmied
Performance: Silvia Morandi
Photo: Patrik Schwienbacher

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