Hannes Egger, We are all hungry and thirsty for …, 2020

Hannes Egger, We are all hungry and thirsty for ..., 2020

The supermarket, which closed in the summer of 2017, was not only an important place for the local supply of the Maria Assunta district in Merano, but also had great importance for the social exchange of the local population. As before, the doors are closed and old adhesive foils seal the windows. The interior furnishings are still almost complete, but have not been in use for years.
Originally the artist Hannes Egger – invited by UPAD – wanted to realize another project, but as he saw the supermarket and a lady in front of the store asked him if he was here to reopen the store, he realized that the supermarket and its function had to be the focus of the project.
Under the title We are all hungry and thirsty for … Hannes Egger calls for the creation of a collective work of art. All those living in the Maria Assunta district can participate.
Assunta” live! A window of the supermarket will be filled with products, namely with those that the residents miss the most.
Anyone can write down products that they would like to buy in this supermarket on a shopping list. Hannes Egger procures the products and installs them in the shop window. The installation is a homage to local supply, the supermarket as a meeting place and a call for the upgrading of the district.

Hannes Egger
We are all hungry and thirsty for …
(photo: Daniel Mazza)
Adhesive film, supermarket shelf, printed cards, letters to the people, various products.