Relief: A Questionnaire, Installation at Dox (Praha)

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The Mussolini Relief in Bolzano is the largest still-intact fascist monument in Italy and in 2011 the South Tyrol Provincial Government organized a competition in mitiga123 tion of the relevance of this structure in the context of a modern, multi-cultural South Tyrol. Of the 486 entries, five emerged as clear winners with one of them soon to be implemented. In his work Relief (2014), Hannes Egger widens out the theme beyond the confines of South Tyrol. Participants from abroad are invited to reflect on the question of democratic fragility and to submit their own responses to the monument. Egger intentionally takes local Tyrolean historical and social issues out into a broader international context.

The installation makes part of the exhibition “Modes of Democracy” at Dox – Center for Contemporary art in Praha (CZ).

14. 11. 2014 – 16. 3. 2015

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