The action against poetry and vice versa

15 years of La Muga Caula at Fundació Joan Brossa

10–12/01/2020, Fundació Joan Brossa, Barcelona

L’acció contra la poesia i viceversa

Joan Brossa, Catalan readymade artist, was born a hundred years ago the “day” in which Duchamp made two monumental claptraps: to paint moustaches to the Gioconda ensuring that “she has a hot ass” and “sell” to a collector in New York 50 cc of Paris air. We sell air from the Caula and undisciplined approach our teachers: Duchamp and Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Man Ray, Mina Loy, Dalí, Maruja Mallo and for the last meeting Joan Brossa in the year of his centenary.
Under the influence of Dada, Brossa invented the square carriage wheel, the post-theatre and a seven-sided dice and another one rounded, even more difficult; like Duchamp himself, without making a single performance, he became master of it and here we harbor a secret: the art of action is not a kinetic or futuristic question, nor even less realistic, but real if…
It has been 5,475 days of action by more than 250 artists from around the world. With these last artists the moustachioed Gioconda will continue throwing the seven-sided dice; we will play this last game with joy as we imagine the new spaces of this landscape of endless action. A door that closes and opens at the same time or a paradoxical square wheel of the Catalan Republic Carriage that suddenly slides like a sleigh on the light that has been given to us…

10/01/2020, 18.00 h
Yolanda Pérez Herreras diu Pere Sousa
Denys Blacker
Michel Collet
Valentine Verhaeghe
Andrés Galeano

11/01/2020, 18.00 h
Milton Camilo & Thomas Feyerabend
Ruben Barroso
Nieves Correa & Abel Loureda
Hannes Egger

10/01/2020, 10.30 h
Lis Costa & Josep M. Jordana
Yolanda Pérez Herreras
Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil
Lucia Peiró
Theodor di Ricco

Fundació Joan Brossa
Carrer de la Seca, 2
Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera