Hannes Egger, Relation in time, 2014

Hannes Egger, Relation in time, 2014

“Relation in time” consists in a meeting, a sort of speed dating between artists and curators. It is done as follows: six curators are invited to take part in the project, just as well as a special guest. A total of 25 artists can participat. Each artist can choose two curators; he has the opportunity to introduce his work to them. The meetings are 10 minutes long; then there is a changing moment, in which each curator meets a new artist. The project is an installation consisting of seven meeting points, each of them with two chairs, a bottle with “Grappa” and a southtyrolian mountain-peak as the center. The whole performance last about 2 hours. After this, Egger personally cooks for the participants, as a sort of “master of ceremony”.

Hannes Egger
Relation in time
14 chairs, 7 prints on adhesive foil, 7 metalbottles, Grappa
dimension variable
Photo: Ulrich Egger

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