Hannes Egger, Everything’s Changed – Nothing’s Changed, 2020

Hannes Egger, Everything's Changed – Nothing's Changed, 2020

During Art Week coinciding with art fair MIART from 9th to 23rd September a billboard truck toured the streets of Milan. The two sides of the vehicle bore the slogans “Everything’s Changed” and “Nothing’s Changed”, respectively. Many only noticed one of the two large black-and-white messages, unaware that the other side made the opposite statement.

Everything’s Changed – Nothing’s Changed
is a Hannes Egger project intended for the open-air spaces of Milan city. It involved artist Hannes Egger driving round and round the streets of the Lombard capital for a week.
The project concisely sums up Egger’s thoughts about events these last few months. For the Covid-19 epidemic has indeed abruptly changed millions of people’s lives, for better or worse. Unimaginable situations and possibilities have arisen, and the unimaginable has happened. Some think our world and our relationships have altered quite radically, though whether there has been a real change, whether we have learned our individual and social lessons from the lockdown, still remains to be seen. Much would appear to have remained unaltered, yet plainly we are now all set for a ‘before Covid-19’ and an ‘after (or with) Covid-19’. Everything’s changed and nothing’s changed.

Hannes Egger
Everything’s Changed – Nothing’s Changed
3 canal video, photo
(video and photo: Lorenzo Casali)