Hannes Egger, Lucifica Lux, 2020

Hannes Egger, Lucifica Lux, 2020

For the exhibition Via Illuminativa in the public space in Bressanone, Hannes Egger has created a series of posters that tells a cultural history of light with quotations from occidental philosophy: from the Old Testament to antiquity to medieval theology and from the Enlightenment to Romanticism to current surveillance policies.
The poster series spans a content-related arc to the seminary across the street with its well-known baroque library and the extensive fund of theological and philosophical literature it contains. Hannes Egger takes up the cultural-scientific content of the library, transports it to the street and at the same time creates a new access to a digital space via augmented reality fields on the posters, which are scanned with the Artivive app and make excerpts of the posters sing and dance. Additionally, a performer moves through the city addressing people and telling them stories about the light.

Hannes Egger
Lucifica Lux
(ph. Matthias Gasser)
10 posters (100×70 cm), print on paper, 5 augmented reality fields, performance.