Hannes Egger, Krasnoyarsk, mixed media on paper, 21x29 cm, 2014
Hannes Egger, Krasnoyarsk, mixed media on paper, 21×29 cm, 2014

Artist Hannes Egger and Paolo Meneghetti critic of contemporary aesthetics will be in Krasnoyarsk

During the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (from 31 October to 4 November 2014), Paolo Meneghetti critic of contemporary aesthetics curated an art exhibition called The waving look around a monument. There, you will see an installation of Rebecca Agnes, and another of Hannes Egger, both of them from Italy. In particular Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair 2014 is aesthetically based on the concept Urban art: encyclopaedia of street arts – City where you CAN.

Artist Hannes Egger programmed a performance, before his show starts. He will travel in the city of Krasnoyarsk, picking up something as “pseudo-monumentality”: stones, river water, iron from abandoned building sites, wood from the forests etc. … Hannes Egger then will draw a map of Krasnoyarsk, leaving next some nails. These will be taken by visitors of the exhibition, to signal their city of origin. First of all, Hannes Egger placed in the map the objects that he collected during his performance. At the end of the Fair, the artist will pull a rope between all the nails, showing the virtual evolution of Krasnoyarsk, beyond the mere “monumentality” of a postcard.

Over the course of only one evening, artist Rebecca Agnes brings to Krasnoyarsk a video-installation called I wash here. It shows to us fantasy settings from different novels: they are places that exist only in our imagination. The novels mentioned by Rebecca Agnes are very famous, according to her personal “taste”, as a reader. Like in the tour, we will do an imaginary visit between these lands. That’s recalls our naive impulse to record our presence in front of particular places, on the horizon. Something that happens for a monument, or every historical buildings.

Reviewing the exhibition in Krasnoyarsk The waving look around a monument, Paolo Meneghetti critic of contemporary aesthetics mentioned the phenomenology of radius (by the writer Alfred De Vigny) and the phenomenology of funnel (by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze). Every urbanization develops itself from the centre to the periphery. That seems a reality which has many parts (mentioning Deleuze) only overlapping their “sunburst” (mentioning De Vigny).

The exhibition The waving look around a monument will be staged at Krasnoyarsk Museum Center (address Area Mira n°1, from 31 October to 4 November 2014).

In particular, the performance of Hannes Egger will officially begin Saturday 1 November at 21. In the same evening, starting at 23, Paolo Meneghetti will give his inaugural aesthetics lecture (by word of mouth) over the concept of wavy look around a monument, and especially he will launch the video-installation of Rebecca Agnes.

The Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, now arrived in edition n°8, is officially organized by Prokhorov Foundation.

Paolo Meneghetti wrote, for the official catalogue:

‹ …Nowadays, the nomadism of living in the city could be perceived virtually “riding” it. We only will have to insert the different nails! So, we would think that all the monuments will have the same base of a comber, in the “sea” of wandering streets, while our living is socially “chaotic”… ›


Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre:

VIII Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair:

Prokhorov Foundation:

That’s the complete program (with all the events, during the Fair):

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