Public Performance at Empty Cube, Lisbon

Hannes Egger, Public Performance, 2016
Hannes Egger, Public Performance, 2016

Hannes Egger’s first project in Portugal will be hosted by EMPTY CUBE on April 1st, at the Appleton Square gallery, in Lisbon. In “Public performance”, the artist explores the public space of the EMPTY CUBE project as an ephemeral moment of revelation of the Other.

The project’s title, “Public performance”, suggests a (sometimes contradictory) connection between seeing and being seen, between each individual’s uniqueness in the exhibition space and their own exposition as a participant in the artist’s work. This stance may lead us to consider the political conditions of legitimisation of authorship and its sharing, as well as the fragmentation of that unity in which we recognise ourselves as “self-aware” following our repositioning within the context of the work itself.

For Hannes Egger, the public space offers the broadest range of possibilities, while being at once the space most adaptable to each individual, somewhere between singularity and plurality, in a transition between being seen and finding in the work the individual’s own context, a context that is constantly under construction, as it wavers between the cube’s space and the space of the gallery that hosts it for a brief, unrepeatable moment.

This project, carried out in close collaboration with the Appleton Square gallery, will be documented and posted on the EMPTY CUBE website.

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