Is the ATMO at home

istheatmoathomeIs the ATMO at home is the first of a series of 8 group shows that will be displayed at the Anonima Kunsthalle during 2017. The central idea of the series is a research about the human nature to understand the environment by harvesting data to be given forms.

Is the ATMO at home prepares the ground providing some valuable evidences about the project field of interest. Different natures animate the artworks by Davide Bertocchi Hannes Egger and Fabrizio Perghem  but they all share an extreme relation with the notion of site specificity. In the exhibited works the connection with a certain object appears exaggerated, leading to a reaction against any constriction. Things are presented in a recoded version in which every variation of the classical spatiality led to unusually augmented or reduced forms. Therefore, the malleability produced by any interaction process seems to cause a distress to the notions of static, stable and solid.

The exhibition presents a reality capable to adapts itself to objects and subjects in order to influence their attitude. This is the reason why the meaning of what we see is intended as an adjustment among galaxies, bodies, experiences, toughts, languages, spaces and objects.

Curator: Gabriele Tosi

Opening 5.02 h.18

Exhibition: 0.02.17 – 19.03.17 (by appointment)

Anonima Kunsthalle
Via San Pedrino 4
Varese (Italy)


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