Perform! at the Playful Arts Festival

Perform! Hannes Egger_Denis Isaia

Playful Arts Festival (Hertogenbosch – Netherlands) explores the intersection between visual art, interactive performance art and playful design

Two days of play, art and inspiration. Playful Arts Festival brings together artists, professionals and the general public to enjoy intimate and playful experiences across the boundaries of visual arts, theater, playful design, interactive performance art.

This year’s theme of ‘(t)HERE & NOW’ invites you to focus on being present in the moment, being aware of your surroundings and the people and situations around you. At our beautiful main venue Werkwarenhuis and its restaurant van Aken you can relax and order food & drinks while enjoying the Playful Arts Festival exhibition and our pop-up programme. The majority of our artists are present and will be happy to engage in conversation and share their work with you.

Art historians unite! “Perform!” by Hannes Egger and Denis Isaia is a social card game in which you get to re-enact historical art performers like Marina Abramovic or Bas Jan Ader. Leave the jury of fellow players in awe, and be victorious!

15 Jun – 16 Jun 2018
11 – 22h
Werkwarenhuis / Ballroom
Hertogenbosch  (Netherlands)

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