We can Dance

Hannes Egger conceived “We can Dance” for the project “KOPFhoch” by KUNST MERAN/Meranoarte. It is an augmented reality work. By using the Smartphone the person on the poster starts to dance.

With “KOPFhoch”, KUNST MERAN/Meranoarte takes to the squares and streets of Merano (BZ, Italy) and lets eleven South Tyrolean artists* (Hannes Egger, Michael Fliri, Julia Frank, Linda Jasmin Mayer, Christian Martinelli, AliPaloma, Riccardo Previdi, Josef Rainer, Christian Reisigl, Thomas Sterna, Maria Walcher) speak through their works after weeks of isolation.
The Covid-19 pandemic and its dramatic health, social and economic consequences affect us all. The world has changed because of Corona, in part it has moved closer together, in part people have moved away from each other. The experiences of recent months are manifold and the positive and negative effects will shape the coming years. After the lockdown, it is now time to go out again, roll up your sleeves and work on the present with a clear view to shape the future. 
“KOPFhoch” offers eleven encouraging, critical, future-oriented, self-reflective and poetic readings of the present.
The projects will be presented on various large billboards in the urban space of Merano (BZ, Italy) from 1 to 26 July and are intended as an encouragement to act in solidarity and with confidence.