2019 DMZ International Art Politics-Project Border Crossing ONSAEMIRO

Art Politics-Project Border Crossing which started in 2017 with the spirit of solidarity, sharing, and accom­panying is the third year by now. We focused on “ONSAEMIRO” as a main title which is a traditional Korean phrase, meaning the original whole natural condition neither split nor broken. In particular, this DMZ ex­ploration and exhibition is a collaborative project with the international network Nine Dragon Heads & SHUROOP. We ensure that this project is an interesting piece of art that closely links the past, present and future.

The project “Art Politics-Border Crossing/ Onsaemiro” is especially significant as it takes place at Korea’s most painful site that is DMZ. This is the subject that needs our constant care and searching for sensitive ways to restore the country in its political, moral and geographical limits. All the times working at various sites around the world NDH maintained its main goal to use art as a way to search for potential conditions of balance; between a human and an environment, a person and nature, a person and society, a person and political power.

What is the power that art is going to exercise at the DMZ?

Art or that which constitutes this phenomenon is a prejudice-free, experimental space that makes possible the most unexpected approaches and decisions. What are the excitements, knowledge, and experience that artists can bring in or take from there? These are the questions the answers to which the project “Art Politics – Border Crossing is going to search for.

Let us see again the reality of divided Korean peninsula with our eyes. N., based on the theme of ‘art politics’, we now want to recognize all boundaries beyond a limited choice within boundaries. We feel the necessity to freely experiment and research the political methods and actions that can break the bounda­ries, and to communicate with various perspectives beyond art. This is also a new way of practicing arts in the world where the beauty of the world has become a place of corruption and ‘speculation.

DMZ Exploration
09.29 – 10.06.2019

09.29 – 10.06.2019
Experimental Space UZ, Suwon (KRO)
Sinpoong Elementary School Auditorium, Suwon (KRO)
Art Space BOM (10.03.2019)

Opening Conference & Performance
09.29.2019 (Sun 2-6PM)
Suwon Hwaseong Museum, Suwon (KRO)

Presentation & Performance
10.01 – 10.02.2019
Suwon Cultural Foundation, Suwon (KRO)
Suwon Museum of Art, Suwon (KRO)
Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Range, Suwon (KRO)